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DIY Fall Arrangement

Fall is back! And I love it even more than ever. This is one of my favorite centerpieces and anyone can make it. It's so easy and simple. Fall leaves and red roses. So simple yet stunning and long-lasting.

Step 1: Grab a bunch or roses at Costco or Safeway or your favorite market.

Step 2: Then look around your yard or your neighbors' yards for Fall leaves. Nandina is one of the most popular hedges in Chico. It's literally everywhere because it survives the intense sun we get here during the Summer months. But, any Fall leaves will do beautifully. Oak, liquid Amber, and Tallow are some of my favorites.

Step 3: Arrange in a vase.

Some helpful hints.... Remove all the leaves that will be below the water line. Leaves tend to turn the water bad quicker and thus shorten the life of your flowers.

Then bunch the rose heads together approximately at the same level and add the Fall leaves around the outside. And you're done! You can also use spray roses or other flowers of your choice such as the photo shows below.

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